Phytoscience group of companies

Phytoscience Ltd. Since 1998 Phytoscience Ltd. (formerly Linpharma Ltd) has focused on bringing high quality natural products to its customers, quickly and efficiently. The company has grown over this period of time to being one of Scotland's largest suppliers of natural products. (see opposite)

Due to the successful expansion of the Phytoscience Ltd, it has been split in 2010 into three separate operational companies.

Bringing customers the best in natural health and beauty

Over the years, we have hand-picked quality products to distribute in the UK ourselves. For example, we greatly admire the work of BrainChild Nutritionals, which aims to improve the lives of people on the autistic spectrum by ensuring their nutritional needs are met. We are the sole distributors of BrainChild in the UK, and make the Brainchild products easily available to UK residents. We also stock Houston Nutraceuticals enzyme products for the same customers.

We select products which are eco-friendly, natural and preferably organic in order to meet the needs of our ethically-aware & discerning customers. On occasion, if an excellent product is not easily available in the UK, we have researched and developed our own improved version - reducing both costs and carbon emissions. For example, our 100% natural Tamanu oil scar and stretch mark cream is an improved version of a product which contained unacceptable parabens.

In addition to wholesaling these products to health food stores and pharmacies, we wanted to make them widely available to everyone at affordable prices, so we started up and, both websites which sell high-quality eco-friendly products with an emphasis (but not exclusively) on the needs of women.



Please note that our PO Box address is published on the website: We do not ship products for this company, nor do we hold their products in stock. We have asked this website to remove our address details and they have not responded.


Phytoscience subsidiaries:

PPF Shipping - PPF Shipping offers e-commerce companies inside and outside the EU a fast, cost effective and efficient distribution service allowing their customers to receive products quickly while saving the companies significant distribution costs. This service has allowed many products to become available to UK consumers which otherwise would have been out of their reach. PPF Shipping packs and despatches 1,6 million orders p.a. For any enquiries please follow this link. 

Magnetic Therapy Ltd - Magnetic Therapy Ltd is the market leader in magnetic products for health and well being. Magnetic Therapy Ltd has been trading retail and wholesale for 20 years, during which time it has built up an expertise across the field of Magnetic Therapy, ensuring that the products sold are of the highest quality and maximum benefit to the consumer. Possibly the website with the widest choice of Magnetic Therapy products in the UK is well worth a visit just to see the choice of reasonably priced magnetic jewellery meeting almost everybody's aesthetic requirements.

Magnetic Style Europe - Combining classic style with substance, Magnetic Style jewellery is up to 4 times stronger than similar products on the market. Combining the most effective magnets available with top-notch gold and silver plating, we provide jewellery to grace every outfit.

PPF Shipping

Phytoscience (Europe) Ltd - a company which manages several online retail websites and wholesales selected natural health & beauty products.

Phytoscience (Europe) Ltd believes good products don't have to cost the earth, in either an environmental or monetary sense. So they're constantly on the lookout for ethical, eco-friendly products for their customers. Phytoscience (Europe) ltd offers these high-quality products - which are unavailable on the high-street - at very competitive prices. On occasion Phytoscience (Europe) Ltd has created their own products, such as Tamanu Cream, in order to match the high standards they demand whilst keeping costs low.